Analytical Services


Sirius Analytical are specialists in the provision of physicochemical data and consultancy services to the pharmaceutical industry and other business sectors. These services, which were initiated in 1991, comprise a range of physicochemical and solid state analyses which can be applied at many points in the drug development timeline. Sirius Analytical undertakes work comprising a number of predefined analyses or flexible study based project work developed in consultation with the customer. Our pre-defined assays include screening analyses, “Gold Standard” definitive physicochemical assays and Formulation and Development studies.

Sirius actively seeks a dialogue with customers to ensure that our assays provide information of relevance and value to the customer to support the demanding requirements of the pharmaceutical and other industries.

Expert Analysis and Interpretation

The Sirius Analytical Service is provided by highly experienced scientists who specialise in physicochemical and physical analysis. Our Gold Standard assay and investigative study reports provide expert interpretation to give essential context to the work performed. Whatever assay you choose, our applications chemists are on-hand to answer any technical questions arising from the methodology or the data generated.

Examples of the high quality data generated by Sirius Analytical assays are showcased in our Compound Case Studies.

Sirius Analytical Reports

Sirius Analytical reports are tailored to our different assay types.


Screening assays

Gold Standard assays

Investigative studies

Customer and sample details

Analysis conditions

Tabulated analytical data

Expert commentary


Graphical output from the analysis including species distribution curves, pH-lipophilicity and pH-solubility profiles1


Formatted using standard template


Peer checked


(1) Dependent upon assays selected.

Quality Assured

All analytical data are generated according to a rigorous internal quality standard to ensure that the customer receives dependable and traceable data. This system includes comprehensive scientific and data checks, documented procedures and training records.

Confidential and Secure

We sign a non-disclosure agreement with all customers before accepting samples for analysis. As soon as we receive your samples we will record them in our logbook and you will receive an e-mail acknowledgement. Your samples will be stored securely under appropriate conditions.

Application Notes

Sirius Application Notes show how physchem data are generated using Sirius assays and how these data can be applied to give critical information during product development.

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