Analytical Services

Formulation & Development

Sirius Analytical supports Formulation and Development activities through custom designed assays. These are designed through discussion with the client and may relate to a number of different application areas, such as understanding solubility and dissolution characteristics in different buffer systems, including biorelevant buffers.

We also have extensive experience in evaluating the effects of excipients on solubility, supersaturation, and dissolution. Our assays can also provide valuable insights into the classification of your compound in the Biopharmaceutical Classification System. Sirius is also able to undertake chromatographic method development and validation studies.

Through its partnership with a leading UK university, Sirius offers a comprehensive service for the manufacture of solid dispersions using spray drying and hot melt extrusion at laboratory scale together with a full physical and dissolution characterisation service.

Relevant Application Note:
AN04 Insights into BCS Classification using Sirius assays
AN11Evaluating Solid dispersions using small-scale dissolution testing