Analytical Services

Summary of Analytical Products

Sirius offers a range of analytical capabilities which are summarised below. If you don’t see something of interest to you, why not get in contact. We may be able to help.

  • Determination of ionisation constants, partition coefficients and solubility using pH-metric and UV-metric methodology.
  • Determination of solubility and partition coefficients using shake-flask, UV and HPLC methods.
  • Determination of bio-relevant dissolution using in-situ UV monitoring, customised pH profiles with pH gradient control, biphasic dissolution and calculation of dissolution rate.
  • HPLC method development and validation.
  • Determination of particle size using laser obscuration time and particle shape using image analysis, including studies of dynamic processes.
  • Study of solid state form using X-ray powder diffraction, thermal analysis and vapour sorption.
  • Manufacture and characterisation of solid dispersions using spray drying and hot melt extrusion at lab scale together with a full physical and dissolution characterisation service.

Please apply to Sirius for full product details.

             The physical form of spray-dried solid dispersions can be characterised using X-ray diffraction and the
             impact of these differences assessed using dissolution studies.


              Determination of Particle Size and Shape Distributions using laser obscuration time and image analysis.
              Particle by particle analysis techniques help identify the effectiveness of particle dispersion.


              HPLC method development activities are undertaken to optimise a large number of method parameters including
             column and injection volume, together with mobile phase properties such as composition, ionic strength and pH.