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In 2014, Sirius Analytical celebrates 25 years as a pioneer in the field of PhysChem measurement. Throughout the company's history we have been innovators: we launched the first commercial instrument for pKa measurement which was quickly adopted as the industry standard, we introduced revolutionary automation for solubility and dissolution testing and we provided fascinating insights into supersaturation and amorphous/crystalline precipitation.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our collaborators who, over the years, have helped us to publish and present over 60 Sirius-authored papers and chapters and hundreds of oral presentations and posters.


We launched Sirius SDI in January 2013, and held a Dissolution Imaging Symposium in Bath (UK) in June. In October 2013 we announced Sirius inForm, a major new product that provides assays to aid drug formulation. Some of these assays have been developed to in response to the needs expressed by our ORBITO partners.


Sirius joins with pharmaceutical companies and universities in the ORBITO project, which aims to enhance our understanding of how orally-administered drugs are taken up from the gastrointestinal tract into the body, and apply this knowledge to create new laboratory tests and computer models that will better predict the performance of these drugs in patients. Insight launched at the AAPS Annual Meeting (Chicago, October 2012), where we also showed 12 posters featuring the work of our research team.


Sirius begins a highly successful programme of Webinars, focusing on the science that underlies instrument and their applications.


Sirius embarks on five-year growth plan, investing in sales, marketing and research staff to enhance the company’s productivity and stimulate new product development and acquisition.


2009 saw strong sales of the new SiriusT3 instrument, with many customers upgrading from the old GLpKa platform. Another significant area of growth was seen in our CRO services, which have seen increasing demand as big pharma strives to reduce headcounts and increase efficiency. Our GI Dissolution module for SiriusT3 opened up a new area of research, with Dissolution in biorelevant media a hot topic across the industry. We successfully relocated our US operations to Beverly, MA, which places us in a superb location to support our expanding base of US customers.


2008 started with a major challenge for Sirius, with a large fire at our UK headquarters causing significant damage to our offices and forcing us to relocate to temporary facilities for the first half of the year. Despite this major setback (which would have resulted in the closure of many companies) we fought hard to maintain our levels of service, sales and product development with minimal disruption for our customers. After 6 months in cramped temporary conditions we were able to relocate back into our newly repaired and refurbished headquarters. The year ended in great success with the launch of our SiriusT3 system, the culmination of many years of research work to miniaturize the components of the GLpKa system and create a new platform for the next generation of assay development from Sirius.


A notable year for publications with Sirius authors, including two papers about MDM solvent, two papers about polymorphism and five posters at the AAPS Annual Meeting in San Diego.


Sirius develops Vinotrate, a new instrument for a new market. Based on our titration and pH technology, Vinotrate was designed for measuring pH and titratable acidity of wine and fruit juices. Electronics and software are completely new. A strong customer base was quickly established in Southern California


Sirius Analytical Inc. opens in Piscataway, NJ. Significant advances in CheqSol research; Chasers vs non-chasers, solubility at 37°C, evidence for changes in crystalline form discovered. First CheqSol solubility paper published.


Significant growth in the Analytical Service business which reflects the value of measured physicochemical properties in ADME decision-making. Sirius sponsored a successful LogP2004 meeting in Zurich, where we exhibited four posters concerning our latest research, including our new MDM cosolvent method, and work to show correlations between measured PAMPA permeability and logP dodecane-water. In April, we discovered a remarkable new way to measure intrinsic solubility of ionisable compounds by automated potentiometric titration. By September, we launched CheqSol Solubility software for RefinementPro2, as well as FastD-PAS for high throughput UV pKa measurement on GLpKa + D-PAS, generating a substantial amount of interest. After several years of collaboration, Sirius and pION Inc. decided to go their separate ways. The latter part of the year saw Sirius preparing for the launch of Sirius Analytical Inc. In preparation, we had our first independent exhibition booth at AAPS in Baltimore in November 2004.


Launch of the ProfilerLDA for high throughput logD measurement.


Major refurbishment of Riverside, our corporate headquarters in Forest Row, UK, to give two new laboratories, enlarged production facilities and training suite. The Fourth Users' Meeting is held in Brighton, UK.


Sirius sells the first PSR4 permeability measurement system in Europe.


ProfilerSGA for high throughput pKa measurement is launched at LogP2000 in Lausanne, Switzerland. Also on show at the meeting are the PCA200 and the new software suite RefinementPro made its debut. Beta-test version of our prediction software, Absolv is exhibited. Four new products launched in one year! The Third Users' Meeting is held in Lausanne, directly after LogP2000. Record attendance of over 125 delegates.


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