Company Timeline

First GLpKa sale to India. D-PAS add-on, for UV pKa measurement is launched: 20 sold in first 6 months.


First GLpKa sale to India. D-PAS add-on, for UV pKa measurement is launched: 20 sold in first 6 months


Expansion continues: new science, engineering and software staff hired. A number of joint research and development programmes underway. The Second Sirius Users' Meeting held in Paris, France.


GLpKa is launched at Pittcon. Combined sales of PCA101 and GLpKa exceed 100 units. Research into spectrophotometric/pH-metric pKa measurement begins.


Sirius website opened. GLpH launched. First Sirius Users' Meeting and Second Symposium held in Frankfurt, Germany. First PCA101 sale in Far East to Chungnam University, Korea. STAN Volume 2 published. Contract analysis service begins. Sirius appoint distributor in the US and Canada.


Sirius wins the 'first-time exporter' category in the UK Exporter of the Year award. pKaLOGP for Windows software released. PCAcheck instrument quality-assurance scheme introduced. First Sirius symposium on Ionisation, Partitioning and Lipophilicity held in London. Sirius moves to larger premises.


Sirius 'journal' STAN launched to publish the many results obtained in the Sirius lab. Research begins using PCA101 to study liposome/water partitioning. Sirius featured on the front page of Chemistry in Britain.


Eight pKas measured simultaneously in one sample using PCA101. PDP (partition-derived pKa) method developed. Sirius begins to expand, employing full-time engineering and applications laboratory staff. First PCA101 Users' Training Course held.


First PCA101 sale in the USA, to Rhone-Poulenc Rorer, PA. pH-metric logP paper 1 published: Difference plots for determining ion-pair octanol-water partition coefficients of multiprotic substances. Sirius moves to larger premises.


World's first automated titration system dedicated to pKa and logP measurement, the PCA101, is launched by Sirius. First sale to Napp Pharmaceuticals, Cambridge, UK


Sirius wins UK Government's Small Firms' Merit Award for Research and Technology (SMART award).


Sirius founded with the goal: to become a world-class manufacturer of innovative instrumentation for chemical analysis. Other names suggested for the company include Proton+, Quadrion, and Iontech. Work begins on development of PCA101.


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