Download the AAPS 2016 Poster Abstracts

By Rebecca Heys


The abstracts for all the posters we are presenting at AAPS this year are now available for download:

Cyclodextrins: Determination of the stability constant of Warfarin, Dipyridamole and Piroxicam and the impact on solubility in the presence of Cavasol and Captisol
Session code: 28M0230   Date: Mon 14 Nov   Time: 14.30

Study of the impact of different salts on the intrinsic dissolution rate of pharmaceutical compounds
Session code: 36W0930   Date: Wed 16 Nov   Time: 09.30

Controlled supersaturation in Simulated Gastrointestinal Media (SGIM): Experiments and models
Session code: 05W1200   Date: Wed 16 Nov   Time: 12.00

In vitro study of Lidocaine and Enoxaparin subcutaneous formulations performance using Sirius Scissor
Session code: 25W0200   Date: Wed 16 Nov   Time: 14.00

Dissolution rate of some poorly soluble drugs and their novel cocrystals
Session code: 06W0400   Date: Wed 16 Nov   Time: 16.00

Hydrochlorothiazide cocrystals: Structure, solubility and biphasic dissolution studies
Session code: 28W0230   Date: Wed 16 Nov   Time: 14.30

Biphasic dissolution studies of poorly water-soluble drugs
Session code: 24W0130   Date:  Wed 16 Nov   Time: 13.30

In vitro/In vivo correlation of biphasic dissolution methods that mimic oral absorption from simulated rat gastrointestinal fluids
Session code: 08W0230   Date: Wed 16 Nov   Time: 14.30

A biphasic dissolution method to mimic oral absorption from simulated animal gastrointestinal fluids
Session code: 07R0800   Date: Thu 17 Nov   Time: 08.00

You can find us at Booth #527 – come along and discuss your requirements with one of the team.