The Tablet Optimisation Lab

By Rebecca Heys

Aimed at originators and generic companies alike, our new consultancy service provides customers with valuable insights into their solid oral dosage forms. We aim to enable our clients to make faster and better informed decisions about dosage form progression. Using our formulation expertise, alongside a unique combination of instrumentation from Sirius and our trusted partners, we can characterize your formulations and rank in vitro performance to help improve success rates.

In addition to widely used laboratory techniques, we also have access to several proprietary technologies:

Originally developed by the Dow Chemical company in response to requirements from the US FDA, this multi-compartment, biorelevant dissolution assay is designed to compare different dosage forms of the same API, for example immediate vs. controlled release. FloVitro™ is the latest piece of formulation equipment to be added to our research lab. In addition to rank ordering, if you are able to supply in vivo data then level A IVIVC is readily established.


Launched at the annual AAPS meeting last year, our second generation UV/VIS dissolution imager is a powerful tool used to observe and quantify processes such as drug release and swelling/erosion of whole dosages at the surface as they happen. Utilizing patented Actipix™ technology, the Sirius SDi2 enables visualization of whole dosages in real-time to uncover mechanistic details that are otherwise missed using conventional dissolution methods.


The only instrument designed specifically for biorelevant formulation development, the Sirius inForm is a high-precision, fully automated system capable of a diverse range of applications such as solubility, biphasic dissolution, supersaturation kinetics and lipolysis. The Sirius inForm is ideal for screening different salts, polymorphs, and excipients to help you rapidly develop a drug product with the desired API release properties.