Webinar - FloVitro™: Evaluate the dissolution of dosage forms under biorelevant conditions

By Rebecca Heys

DATE: 22 MARCH 2017 | TIME: 15:00 GMT

Sirius Analytical, in collaboration with the Dow Chemical Company, are proud to announce the latest edition of our popular webinar series.

Once a test method has been developed for a given API, that same test method may be used to compare in vitro performance of formulations throughout the product development process. The output of the test is a profile that has the same form as a plasma concentration-time profile, achieving Level A IVIVC, with no need for any mathematical modeling of the raw data.

The test conditions include gastric disintegration, gastric dissolution, transfer of dissolved and undissolved materials to intestinal conditions and intestinal dissolution. Intestinal absorption and systemic clearance are also modeled and reported upon. 

FloVitro™ applications include: 

Demonstrating level A IVIVC

Evaluating innovator equivalence for generic products

Developing modified release products based on immediate release profiles

Support of scale-up/process modification (eg SUPAC)

Experimental formulation development (where no in vivo data are available)



Who should attend?

Anyone interested in or working on the development of drug products, whether from an innovator or generic pharmaceutical company, a research institution or an academic group!