Our Partners

ACD Labs

Assay Expert combines the predictive power of ACD/Labs with the automation and experimental precision of the SiriusT3 instrument.

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Ashland provides specialty chemicals, technologies and expertise to customers worldwide.

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Biorelevant manufacture and sell SIF Powder which makes high quality biorelevant media in seconds.

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CMAC, University of Strathclyde

The CMAC group accelerate the adoption of continuous manufacturing processes, systems and plants for the production of high-value chemical products to higher quality, at lower cost and more sustainably.

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Cyprotex also offers integrated drug discovery services in collaboration with Sygnature Discovery and physicochemical profiling services in collaboration with Sirius Analytical.

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Paraytec Ltd

Paraytec is a UK based scientific instrument company designing, developing and manufacturing the award winning ActiPix™ brand of ultra-violet (UV) area imaging detectors.

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T: +44 (0) 1342 820720
E: [email protected]