Sirius Insight

An innovative particle size analyser which makes particle size measurements easier, more meaningful and robust.

Features and Benefits



Two independent measurement channels  (LOT and Image Analysis). Assesses number of particles, size and shape in the same sample.

This is the instrument to use if you really want to understand particle size and shape.

Laser Obscuration Time (LOT) measures particle diameter as a chord length of a particle as it obscures the laser beam. Gives particle diameter by number from first principle but is also capable of generating particle size distributions as a function of volume, surface area and length.

Good for irregularly-shaped particles; don’t need to know the refractive index or absorbance of the sample or the dispersion medium.  Does not need to make assumptions about shape in the measurement.

Image analysis assesses the shape of particles.

Capable of analysing a large variety of shape parameters which can be used to differentiate between samples which may otherwise appear very similar using more traditional particle size analysis methods.

In-situ visualisation shows live images of suspended particles while size is being measured.

Useful for ensuring particles are adequately dispersed in the medium.  A handy tool for interpreting data and understanding anomalies such as agglomerates and flocculation.

User-friendly software has many useful features.

Quick to learn and easy to use.

Saves all data collected during each measurement which can be referred back to at any time. Can collect and compare 30 different size and shape parameters. Many options for visualisation graphs and histograms.

A good tool for particle size research.

Accommodates various sample types: water-based, oil-based, powder-based

Versatile instrument which can accommodate many different of dispersion systems.

Option to use disposable cuvettes

Reduces the need for cleaning and wash-cycles which can save time.

Small size, weight and footprint

Compact design fits easily on laboratory bench.