Sirius Insight

An innovative particle size analyser which makes particle size measurements easier, more meaningful and robust.

Sirius Insight - Particle Size and Shape Analyser

Intelligent Particle Characterisation

  • Make shape-specific particle size measurements using Laser Obscuration Time

  • Visualise particles during measurement and record images of individual particles and dispersions

  • Generate shape distribution data and find the property critical to your product or process

  • Generate number and volume distributions

Flexible sample presentation

  • Measure particle size and shape on liquid suspensions, thin films, dry powders , fibres  and dense suspensions

  • Conduct experiments at non-ambient temperatures

  • Make meaningful measurements on non-spherical particles such as fibres and needle-shaped particles

Studying Dynamic processes

  • Track crystal growth or particle dissolution in real time

  • Observe the disintegration of tablets

  • Measure particle concentration