A fully automated instrument for 'gold standard' measurement of pKa, log P/D and solubility using sub milligram sample quantities.



SiriusT3 is designed for compound screening and detailed PhysChem characterisation. It measures pKa, log P, log D and solubility of ionisable drugs and small molecules, needing only small amounts of sample. It also measures dissolution of ionisable and neutral compounds in volumes down to 1.5 mL.

SiriusT3 instruments are used in labs that support drug discovery, crop science research, CROs and in universities and biochem.

What customers say...

“SiriusT3  integrates perfectly in our analytical workflow”.

“It is a good fit, filled the gap we had in the company”.

“…a pre-requisite for DMPK studies”.

“It has become a part of our screening cascade to aid in selection of compounds to move forward into further PK testing”.

“The SiriusT3 is an integral part of a pool of instruments for physicochemical compound characterisation. For pKa and log P/D measurements, SiriusT3 is the Golden Standard”.