A fully automated instrument for 'gold standard' measurement of pKa, log P/D and solubility using sub milligram sample quantities.

Use it for

Early stage compound screening

  • In synthetic chemistry, measuring pKa helps in selecting the best structures for development

  • Good compound selection reduces the risk of costly late stage failures

  • Up to 80 pKa samples a day; automation reduces operator time

PhysChem characterisation

  • Understand the ionisation state of a drug, how it varies with pH and its effect on absorption

  • Learn how the pKa changes due to solvent interactions, partitioning, precipitation or binding

  • Improve ADME predictions and evaluate how changes to the molecule can affect the log P for a desired application


  • Preparing detailed PhysChem profiles

  • Learn about the molecule’s capacity for supersaturation and LLPS formation

  • Assess dissolution rates using very small sample weights